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Dentsu Ventures is a hands-on corporate venture capital fund that provides the expert support that entrepreneurs need to bring their innovations to the world.

Driven by its “Clients First” principle, the Dentsu Group has been creating solutions for a wide range of clientele for years. Dentsu Ventures doesn’t just invest in startups; it builds on the Group’s resources to offer high-quality value creation services to them.

Entrepreneurs first — we are looking to partner with ambitious startups and, together, pursue the infinite potential of new fields.

Dentsu Ventures


Dentsu Ventures offers much more than financial backing for startups. It also builds on the years of experience Dentsu has with creating solutions to provide a full range of expert hands-on services, listed below, to help entrepreneurs bring their innovations to the world.

Providing marketing solutions, defined in the broadest possible terms
Provide integrated marketing planning and campaign implementation tailored to the growth stage of the startup in which we invest
Provide professional marketing tools and services building on our cutting-edge technology and expertise
Provide PR/media relations services that take full advantage of the portfolio and media relations that Dentsu has developed over many years
Share knowledge and insight into cutting-edge marketing technology and trends, etc.
Help with product designs, video content production and other design and creative work, utilizing the best creative resources available
Business Development:
Offering business development/business management support
Provide support from a team of business development professionals in developing management and business strategies
Help with product/service development with both rational and emotive appeal
Review project feasibility and other factors using research panels and professional analysis tools/expertise
Provide assistance from a team of experts to improve UI/UX
Help recruiting needed talent via Dentsu’s unique network
Support fundraising
Building and implementing strategies for corporate partnerships and alliances
Support the development and implementation of strategies to forge alliances with Dentsu’s first-rate client network and others
Help with development of joint projects with media firms and sports/movie content holders, building and implementation of alliance strategies
Design business models for alliances/partnerships, facilitate corporate collaboration
Supporting global development
Support for global expansion utilizing the Dentsu Group network
Make the most of Dentsu Group technology resources to localize products/services
Offer sessions and workshops with key industry persons worldwide


Kotaro Sasamoto

Kotaro SasamotoManaging Partner

Joined Dentsu in 2003 and engaged in a variety of marketing-related work, focusing on planning and implementing client marketing strategies in the strategic planning and account management divisions. He then switched to work overseas and was involved in helping launch client operations overseas and establishing overseas Dentsu branches. After a period of study overseas he was transferred to the Corporate Strategy Division, where he is in charge of investing in startups both in and outside of Japan and developing new businesses.

Graduated from the Faculty of Integrated Human Studies at Kyoto University, then earned his MBA at Harvard Business School.

Yu Hirayama

Yu HirayamaGeneral Partner

Joined Dentsu in 2010, and as part of the Corporate Strategy Division, was involved in executing Dentsu’s acquisition of the Aegis Group and establishing “Dentsu 2017 and Beyond.” Before joining Dentsu he belonged to an advisory group at a securities company, where he engaged in advisory tasks assisting clients in the telecom, media, and technology industries with acquisition, mergers, capital and business alliance, and restructuring.

Graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Tokyo, then the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo.

Daiji Horibe

Daiji HoribeGeneral Partner

Engaged as a co-representative partner for Prime Partners, mainly to plan funds and assist in business development for the invested companies. Before the establishment of Prime Partners, he was involved in CVC establishment and operational support for major Japanese businesses at an independent Japanese venture capital firm. Prior to that, he supported establishment of management strategies for major corporations in and outside Japan at the Boston Consulting Group. He was also engaged mainly in M&A advisory work at the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and Daiwa Securities SMBC Co., Ltd.

Graduated from the Faculty of engineering at Kyoto University, then the Graduate School of Engineering at Kyoto University, and earned his MBA at the Simon Business School at the University of Rochester.

Kevin Hasegawa

Kevin HasegawaGeneral Partner

Engaged as a co-representative partner for Prime Partners to discover and invest in venture businesses mainly outside Japan and support advances into the Japanese and Asian markets for companies invested in. He also serves as an advisor for Google Ventures, assisting entrepreneurs with their overseas business development, mainly in Asia. Before the establishment of Prime Partners, he was involved in CVC establishment and operational support for major Japanese businesses at an independent Japanese venture capital firm. Prior to that, he worked for approximately 10 years at ITOCHU Corporation and CTC.

Graduated from the University of Southern California with a BA in Economics and a BS in Physics and earned his MBA at the USC Marshall School of Business.

Daisuke Takemori

Daisuke TakemoriGeneral Partner

Engaged as a founding member of Prime Partners, mainly for fund planning. Also supported the establishment and execution of strategic plans focused on new businesses as business consultant. Worked on establishing a subsidiary of a domestic logistics corporation that is focused on new business and now serves as its managing director. Before the establishment of Prime Partners, he worked for approximately 10 years at the Boston Consulting Group. Also engaged in work at Sony Corporation and Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc.

Graduated from the Faculty of Business and Commerce at Keio University.


  • agolo


  • nextbit


  • Sensai (Acquired)

    Sensai (Acquired)

  • Cue


  • eXo(Acquired)


  • Tynker


  • Livelike


  • Survios


  • Two Bit Circus

    Two Bit Circus

  • Grail


  • Twist Bioscience

    Twist Bioscience

  • CLUE




  • Cheddar


  • Shuttl


  • Arraiy (Acquired)

    Arraiy (Acquired)

  • Hoodline


  • Clear Labs

    Clear Labs



  • Alp,Inc.


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Dentsu Ventures Global Fund I
Dentsu Inc. and Prime Partners, Inc.
Total fund capital:
10 billion yen
Date of establishment:
April 2015
Period of operation:
10 years to March 2025
Investment regions:
Global investments with a central focus on the U.S., Europe and Asia
Investment stages:
Balanced, wide-ranging investments with the focus on seed and early stage investments, but also including mid-stage and later-stage investments
Areas of investment:
  1. Areas that can change the marketing and communication business in a broad sense
  2. New areas other than the above that have a high potential for innovation


1-8-1, Higashi-shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-7001, Japan


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